When summer hits and the humidity increases, all you want to do is crank up the AC and let the cool breeze run for hours. However, if your AC starts producing some strange noises, it becomes hard to sit back and enjoy the cooled air. At [company name], we specialize in assisting you in dealing with all your AC issues and can help you figure out what is happening. Let us get to the reasons for the sharp squealing sounds in your air conditioning unit.

Fan Belt Problems

Some newer AC models have a belt connecting the motor and the fan. When this belt wears out with time, you may start hearing these sounds when the unit is on. Another possible cause is misalignment which happens when there is too much humidity. The belt can stretch, especially when it is too hot. This stretching may cause some misalignment when the unit is running, thus producing noises.

However, you may not always hear the noise since the situation changes with the humidity level during the day. The unit will be silent when the humidity levels are low and produce sound when it increases. If you experience this case, it is vital to involve our skilled technicians in Huntingdon Valley, PA to check the unit and do the required repairs.

Worn-Out Condenser Fan Bearings

Newer AC models don’t have a fan belt but have bearings playing that role perfectly. These bearings usually wear out with usage and start making the high-pitched noises you hear. We highly discourage ignoring these sounds or wishing them away.

If you do not take precautions to have the unit repaired, the bearings will cause more trouble and, in turn, affect the motor. In the long run, you will spend more money fixing more problems, whereas you would have spent less when replacing the bearings.

Compressor Pressure

When there is too much pressure on the compressor, it produces screeching noises when the unit starts running. Most of the time, the noise lasts about 15 minutes, then the unit becomes silent. However, this is not an invitation to ignore the matter. Apart from the hissing sound, you may also notice your system stops and starts more frequently than it used to.

These two are enough signs to inform you of the imminent danger ahead. This high pressure can quickly damage your unit if it goes on for a long time. We recommend that you turn off the system and contact our skilled professionals to come and inspect the AC as soon as possible.

Other Noises

Apart from these high-pitched noises, you may also experience other strange sounds from the unit that may alarm you. The following three can help you know what is happening.

Banging, Clicking, and Knocking

These three sounds are evidence of an obstruction in the fan. For some people, these noises may only be present when you do not set the thermostat to the fan setting. This means that something like a stick or a small object may have found its way into the fan, or the fan itself has become loose.

The first step is to check whether an object is sticking out from your fan. If you can’t see anything from the outside, kindly call a licensed AC technician to inspect the unit. Turn off the system and wait for professional assistance.

Bubbling Sounds

Bubbling noises mostly come from either the refrigerant or the condensate drain. You will hear these noises if the refrigerant leaks or the condensate drain does not have a proper trap. You can start by ensuring you tighten the drain, but if the noises continue, our [company name] experts are only a call away.

Clicking Sound Instead of Starting

When your unit fails to start and produces a clicking sound, you definitely have an electrical issue. There may be some loose connection at the compressor, capacitor, or thermostat. Do not dismantle your unit to check the problem if you are not a trained electrician. Messing around with the electrical systems may cause further damage to your AC.

Your Trusted AC Expert

Our passion at [company name] is helping the people of Huntingdon Valley, PA, and the nearby areas enjoy their heating and AC without worrying about a possible breakdown. We can help you with these ac sounds as well as other popular air conditioning issues. We are your trusted companion in installing, maintaining, and repairing your HVAC systems and assure you of the best quality at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your backup generator, water heater, or AC.

Contact us today or schedule your appointment using the online forms, and enjoy comfort and bliss at all times.

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