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    Do you need indoor air quality services in Huntingdon Valley, PA? Improve the breathability of your home’s air with air filtration system solutions from AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re a locally owned and operated HVAC contractor specializing in whole-home indoor air quality improvement. Did you know that the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a home’s air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside? Dirt and debris, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores inside your home can circulate throughout the house when you run your furnace or air conditioner. Without an air filtration system or purification from HVAC UV lights, these pollutants build up. You and your family, including pets, may get sick more often or have difficulty breathing at home. Don’t wheeze and cough any longer because of bad air! Call the team at AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning for a customized indoor air quality assessment and the right recommendations for your needs.

    We also offer Indoor quality services in Southampton PA, Abington PA, Warminster PA, Warrington PA and the surrounding areas.

    Indoor Air Quality Services in Huntingdon Valley PA

    If you’re having problems breathing at home, your air smells stale or musty, or you’re concerned about the presence of mold and mildew in your house, then you may need an air filtration system or HVAC UV lights. Or, your AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning tech may recommend a humidifier or dehumidifier for your home. We inspect your house to determine what pollutants are in your air and to what degree. Then, we may determine that you need a dehumidifier to reduce the formation of mold and mildew or perhaps HVAC UV lights to sterilize the air, which can be especially beneficial for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

    Discover the many benefits to having excellent home air purifiers, like:
    • Eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria
    • Remove pollen and pet hair for allergy relief
    • Make your home smell better
    • Take mold and mildew out of the interior air

    Our EPA-Certified techs can find all the causes of poor indoor air quality in your house and then present you with the right solution to sterilize it and make it easier for everyone to breathe, using safe and nontoxic approaches.

    Studies have shown that indoor air can be up to 5X more polluted than the air outdoors. Modern homes and buildings are sealed tightly to conserve energy. This helps keep energy costs down, but it also seals in toxins (household cleaners, etc.) mold, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and other pollutants. Basically, your home’s air conditioning system can act as a contaminate recycling system, affecting your air quality and health. The EPA has even ranked it as one of their top health concerns.

    The good news is that AAA Brothers offers a full line of air quality products to help improve the indoor air quality of your home! Air filtration systems, air cleaners, UV lights, and humidifiers (also dehumidifiers) work together in conjunction with your central HVAC System to help enhance indoor air quality.

    Reliable Air Filtration System Contractor

    At AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, we take a lot of pride in the honors and accolades we’ve earned, including being a multiple-time winner of the Lennox Centurion Award. We’ve also been recognized with the Super Service Award by Angi for eight years! Our accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau confirm our commitment to ethical, honest business practices. When you need reliable HVAC UV lights or any other air purification service, we’re the team to call!

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    Do you want to make your Huntingdon Valley home’s indoor air quality purer? Call AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning today!