Huntingdon Valley Heat Pumps

More and more people are interested in installing heat pumps in Huntingdon Valley, PA. The systems can double up as both a heating and cooling system. In some situations, you can install them with other types of HVAC systems in order to create a dual system. For example, dual heating systems often mean that a furnace will take over once the temperature drops below freezing. That’s because heat pumps aren’t very efficient at those temperatures. You can also rely on heat pumps for all of your heating and cooling needs

Depending on how often you use your heat pumps and whether they are responsible for all of your heating and cooling or only some of it, the amount of heat pump service you’ll need will vary. If your heat pump is your primary way of heating and cooling your home, you should service it at least twice a year. However, if you’re installing it as part of a dual system, you can get away with servicing it only once a year.

We also provide heat pump services in Abington, Warminster, Warrington, Southampton and surrounding areas.