One of the most important things you should do for your furnace is to keep the filter on it clean. Depending on the filter type, this means either washing or changing it frequently. The older the filter, the more contaminated it will be. Among other problems, a clogged filter makes the system work harder and can shorten the lifespan of your furnace. This post will cover a few signs that indicate when a filter needs to be changed.

How Often Should I Check the Filter?

Filters get dirty over time and require regular maintenance to keep working correctly. You should check the filters on your furnace at least once every three months by taking off the cover on the furnace. If you have pets or live in a dusty environment, you should check the filters more often.

If the filter is visibly dirty, especially if there are signs of mold or milder, it’s time to take action. If you use a disposable filter, simply toss the old one out and put a new one in.

If you use a permanent filter, you can remove it and simply flush it out with water. One advantage of permanent filters is that you can clean them frequently. This might be especially helpful if someone in the home suffers from allergies or has respiratory issues. If the filter looks grimy or has any mold or mildew on it, you can wash it with mild soap and warm water.

Furnace Not as Efficient as It Once Was

A clogged filter stops airflow. That results in your furnace having to work harder to move air around your house, thus consuming more energy. If your furnace seems to have to run longer than before, it could be a sign that your filter needs attention.

System Makes Strange Noises or Loud Popping Sounds

If you notice that your furnace is making a lot of noise during the winter, it could indicate that your old filter needs to be changed. When the filter is clogged, the pressure within the system changes. If you hear screeching or whistling noises, check the filter before deciding your house is haunted.

Indoor Air Quality Is Deteriorating

Cleaner air means a healthier home. If your furnace filter is dirty, the air quality in your house can become less than desirable. This is because the filter has no more capacity to trap dirt, dust, dander, and other allergens. Check the filter if you’re noticing more dust around your home or if your allergies are getting worse (when environmental factors stay the same).

Your Home Smells Moldy

If you’re noticing a moldy or mildewy smell, this could indicate that the filter needs to be changed. This is especially true if the spell seems to be widespread and not limited to a specific place like the bathroom or under a sink.

Mold can grow on your furnace filter, especially if you live in a humid area. This will then spread mold spores throughout the home.

Mold can also grow inside the system. If you neglect to keep up with filter maintenance, the reduced airflow could exacerbate a mold problem. If you still notice a widespread moldy smell after cleaning or replacing the filter, you may need your furnace serviced by a professional.

Turn to AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning for Furnace Maintenance

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