Should I Be Worried about the Sounds My Furnace Is Making?

Modern furnaces are designed to run quietly. However, you should expect the furnace in your Huntingdon Valley house to make some noise when it turns on and operates. But your furnace may make some abnormal noises, indicating you need to have your furnace reviewed by an HVAC professional.

Should a Gas Furnace Make a High-Pitched Noise?

Gas furnaces can make different noises that indicate something is wrong. If it makes a high-pitched noise, this could mean that the furnace needs more lubrication or that the blower motor is not functioning correctly. If you hear a high-pitched whining noise coming from your furnace, have a professional check it to ensure that things are working as they should.

Noises That Indicate a Damaged Heat Exchanger

If the furnace’s heat exchanger is damaged or cracked, it could emit dangerous gases. So it’s essential to know the early signs of heat exchanger damage to get it repaired.

In addition to strong fumes from the furnace, soot, and water around the furnace, you may hear a loud bang or a rattling when the furnace turns on. If you suspect an issue with your heat exchanger, turn your heater off immediately and contact the professionals at AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We are trained in spotting heat exchanger problems and can offer practical methods to resolve them.

Sounds That Indicate a Delayed Ignition

A loud or booming sound from your furnace means a delayed ignition. This small explosive sound results from gas collecting in the furnace chamber because the burner light is not turning on quickly enough. This is like what happens if you turn on a gas grill and allow the gas to build before lighting it.

You might be hearing this loud boom or banging sound for several reasons. First, your furnace may have an improper air-to-gas ratio, making it difficult for the burners to ignite. Or there might not be sufficient gas pressure for the burners to burn correctly. Finally, your burners might be dirty, worn down, or broken.

Having gas build up in an enclosed space and ignite is dangerous on many levels. This could completely ruin your furnace, damage your home, and potentially injure someone standing by the furnace if a lot of gas had built up before the ignition was lit.

If you are having issues with your furnace’s ignition, it’s not something to ignore. You want to talk to our technicians at AAA Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning and have us schedule furnace maintenance as soon as possible. It might be as simple as cleaning off your burners and ensuring that all connections are secure.

Sounds Indicating Issues With the Blower Wheel

If you hear metal scraping against metal, there might be a problem with your blower wheel. This happens if the blower wheel becomes loose and is now banging up against the housing or if a piece of the heating system has come loose and gets stuck in the blower wheel. A scraping metal sound often indicates that the blower wheel needs to be replaced or repaired.

The longer you allow the blower wheel to operate while scraping against other metal parts, the greater the damage that could be done. It can be expensive to replace your blower and other internal components of the furnace. Therefore, as soon as you hear this noise, it’s best to turn off the furnace immediately and have a trained professional troubleshoot and fix the situation.

Sounds That Indicate a Problem With Your Flame Sensor

It’s normal to hear a clicking sound when you first turn your furnace on. This is the noise the ignition makes as it clicks in.

However, if your furnace is clicking and your burner turns on and deactivates, you might have an issue with your flame sensor. A damaged flame sensor will not read the flame’s heat and will tell your furnace to turn off the gas to prevent hazardous conditions.

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