At AAA Brothers, we’re not big on bragging. We like to let our work speak for itself and let our customers do the bragging for us. We service thousands of happy customers a year! Browse a sampling of some of our latest customer testimonials below!

What a great company to do business with. I had been looking for a new A/C system for my house for over a year. With so many companies to choose from it’s not an easy decision. The team at AAA Brothers bring years of knowledge and experience to your door. Within minutes I knew this was the right company to go with. They had the best prices and product lines and only offered me what I needed for the most efficient heating and cooling. After the job was done, AAA Brothers called to make sure we were happy. It has been a great experience working with them.

Steve Copeman

I’d like to thank AAA for the positive experience I have had in doing business with your firm. At the outset, meeting you at a local home show, you distinguished yourselves by being different than many of the other mechanical firms and that positive difference has been displayed time and time again. You showed up when you set appointments and followed through to accomplish all that was set out in the initial sales call. The staff that was in and around our home during various stages of the process was professional at all times. Your estimator took as much time as was necessary to answer questions and do the calculations to provide an accurately sized system to meet our needs. We appreciated his knowledge and ability to communicate the essentials to us during this phase of the process. Another way that you showed you could be trusted was in delivering the estimated product. As in any project, there were opportunities for things to change when unexpected issues cropped up. Your original estimate was the same as the final bill, no surprises. We’ve also experienced a small problem since the system was installed and you were timely in your response to troubleshoot and minimize the impact on us. Issue was resolved in 10 minutes. Seriously thank you! Our best wishes to your future success.

Nick and Sherry Guggenheim

AAA Brothers,
My wife and I want to thank you and your team for the superb installation of our new air conditioner and furnace. A new air conditioner is a big expense, one that needs reassurance that we picked the right company to contract with. From the estimate by your technician, who worked with our request for the tax credit, to the precision and experienced work of your estimator, our relationship with your company was a positive experience. We believe your family business can do nothing but flourish if you treat every customer as you treated us. We had two other estimates to replace our air conditioner and furnace. Your quote was more reasonable than both others. Rest assured we will recommend AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling to any one of our friends who are in need of a new A/C or service on existing equipment.

Shaun Dogherty

We just want to thank you for your professionalism, knowledge, and sense of service. We are very happy with our purchase. Originally had received 2 other estimates, and yours was very competitive, but we agreed that you made us feel most confident in going with your company. Formerly being in the [air conditioning] business in Oklahoma, and now as a customer, I was very impressed. Your installers were prompt, courteous, and neat, they seemed to know exactly what to do and how to do it. My home was cleaner when they left then it was when they arrived (seriously ?). Have no doubt we will be recommending you and your company to others.

Irena & Scott Burell

I wanted to send you some comments regarding our recent Heating/Cooling system – feel free to use this information in your future sales activities.We found AAA Brothers via their web site – the site was very easy to use – and I was able to define our project and get responses back quickly. Our heating/cooling project was driven by a couple of key factors – our old system was 12 years of age 5 Ton Carrier; we wanted to install a more efficient system- so it was key that we get a system that uses minimal electricity in the winter and the summer. We only had been in the house for 6 months so I did not have the historic usage for the summer months, but I figured we were currently running 1800 KWH – so our new system had to reduce that usage – I did a lot of research – I found that two factors were key in selecting a “partner” to provide our new system. First – they had to do a proper load sizing for the home; and they had to have experience installing / servicing the products. Key on the sizing was that an oversized unit would actually be less efficient and could cause some rooms to be too cold or too hot. We had quotes / estimates from the following companies- Quality Smith, D&H, as well as American Home Shield’s recommended vendors. All of these companies had the historic experience: they all did heating and cooling analysis – but the quality of these assessments were driven more by my questions than any proper sizing or measurements. All these companies recommended a 5 Ton system – even though most of their calculations came up at 4 ton – their logic was that with global warming average Philadelphia temp might be a lot higher soon. Only one of these companies actually gave me a hard copy – AAA Brothers provided me with two separate load calculations – both recommended a 4 Ton system based on the information we provided. The calculations were given to us and were easy to read and understand. We went with a Whirlpool unit – hybrid system. The Whirlpool Unit has a lifetime warranty on the whole system – which was another key for us – we are going to be here a long time. So far it runs great, very quiet – I love getting my utility bills now as we can see the improvement and savings. When the time came to install the equipment – the AAA Brothers crew showed up on time, ready to get to work. The new unit arrived at approx 8:30am – and they got to work right away. We had the condenser unit relocated, and the heat pump / furnace is a 95% efficient device- which required new venting. The team reworked the cooling lines for the new location. We are very happy with their performance.

Joanne Shamrock

To: AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling

I am glad I chose AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling as the contractor for our new Air and Heating system. The choice boiled down to who provided me with the best value. I was not looking for a Cadillac, rather a system that was much more efficient than the Carrier unit I have had for 10 years. The analysis provided to me by AAA Brothers after their extensive evaluation of our home’s design conditions and our heating and cooling requirements convinced me that this company has done its’ homework and knowledge of our needs living in a humid environment. We liked Goodman and asked them for that brand to be installed. They then recommended a Goodman 16 seer 4 ton Condenser and Furnace that qualifies for the Federal tax credit and the TEP rebate. This replaced the 5 ton Carrier I had which was much less efficient. We have thus far used the new AC approximately five months since it was installed. It reaches the temperature we have set so much faster and is not operating as long as our old unit plus the Condenser is much quieter. Our recent electric bill was almost $150.00 less than the previous month. The other two Contractors who gave us an estimate were not near as thorough and were clearly pushing us in the direction of more expensive systems. The warranties on these units were no better than the Goodman system. The additional 10 year parts and labor provided by AAA Brothers was a plus. The installers were very knowledgeable and professional. Proper installation is very critical. As a retired Quality Eng. Manager I am well aware that any system is not reliable if improperly installed. Overall I am confident that we made an excellent decision in choosing AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling.

Robert Winston

AAA Brothers,

What a joy it has been working with the people at your business. To have my calls returned, your workers show up on time, clean up after themselves, and a professionally done job speaks volumes of a well-put together company. Knowing that AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling is a business that your family runs and operates with over 25 years experience really gave my wife and I complete confidence that the job would be done right. We were not disappointed! We would rather pay a little extra for a job done right the first time, than less for continued problems. However, when we compared your pricing we were pleasantly surprised to see just how fair and competitive your price was. We will gladly recommend your business to our family, friends and neighbors.

Thank you,
Vinnie Celenzio
Manager of Wallgreens Pharmacy

Vinnie Celenzio, Manager of Wallgreens

We went to the Home Show out in Philadelphia where we met the owner of AAA Brothers and bought the central air system for our house we were living in then. In July of 2009 we bought a bigger house so my brother Kyle could move in with us and started the process of making the house more energy efficient. Kyle wanted to add solar panels to the roof and we were dealing with several estimators on this. At the same time I wanted to get a new air conditioning and heating unit for this house so had AAA Brothers come out and do that. I asked questions about the a/c unit we had and had them do a consult on the efficiency of our units. One seemed to run all the time. They gave us a very reasonable price and we accepted it. The thing that impressed me the most was we had already picked someone to do the solar panels, all 40 of them and a solar water heater and AAA Brothers was willing and more than able to work around those guys and take down 2 a/c units, a swamp cooler and install 2 new a/c units in 2 days. They also reworked the duct work in our pantry and made it more efficient and quiet. All the guys were great and cleaned up fantastically (I will get John to send on the pictures I took of the work). Our light bill was cut in half and I give credit to the new units. We bought two 4 ton 16 seer Lennox hybrid systems and are very happy with the results.

Again, thanks so much! Great work you guys.

Manny & Nicole Glenz

My name is Grady Simons and I am a Marine Corps Major who has lived in Abington for the past eleven years. I became acquainted with AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling when I attended the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center. There were many heating and cooling companies represented at the show and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to see what they all had to offer as I knew that I would shortly have to replace the unit in my home. In my opinion, there was no comparison with the knowledge and professionalism, the courtesy and individual attention that was displayed towards me. Needless to say, I was very impressed with them and decided to have them install a new unit in my home. The promptness of the service, the time spent to explain exactly what size and type of unit would best meet my demands. It was not just the typical “Bigger is Better” approach you usually receive and made a believer out of me. The installation went more smoothly than I ever thought. I would and have recommended AAA Brothers to my friends and neighbors and I don’t normally make those kinds of recommendations easily. I believe you can put your trust behind AAA Brothers.

Grady Simons

I recently met the owner of AAA Brothers Heating & Cooling at their exhibit at the Philadelphia Home Show. We set up an appointment for a free estimate at my home the following week. We recently purchased a home needing a new HVAC unit, and knowing little about how to purchase a unit or how to choose a reliable contractor, I turned to friends and then to the internet to educate myself before AAA arrived. I had one contractor out who said they could “fix” my 17 year-old unit for $1,200 – a unit that was really beyond its’ life expectancy. I had also seen my daughter’s experience purchasing a unit for her home. No one measured anything–they just told her which unit she needed and how much. I didn’t have high expectations. I was prepared for the typical quick look at my exiting unit and a quick estimate. To my surprise, the AAA Brothers technician set up his computer at the dining room table and spent the next two hours measuring the square footage of my home, checking window types, ceiling heights and insulation, asking about our needs/requirements for heating and cooling, i.e., how many people (or big dogs!) at home during the day, etc., and basically educated us about how to choose a unit, repeating much of which I had learned at the Department of Energy’s website. (Did you know that most homes have units that are too large? Yeah, I didn’t either!) They actually had a copy of the Department of Energy’s website in his presentation materials. I never had to mention Manual J or Manual D, as they beat me to it. I honestly felt like we’d had an education. He also didn’t try to sell a particular unit, but showed that, based on his computer calculations, he would recommend 3 different units at a range of prices. Installation day was just as remarkable. We met the installation technicians who were professional and very neat. Such genuinely nice people! They take pride in their work and workmanship and, most of all, in their customers’ satisfaction. They arrived on time and did a superb job. The place was cleaned spotless and the guys on the roof did such a neat and precise job that it was evident they took pride in their work. They followed up several times throughout the season to see if we were satisfied. Who does that anymore? It was a rare experience, and I take great pleasure in recommending them.

July D.

As a new homeowner I was completely clueless on where to get help for a broken AC unit. Thanks to my best friend, I got AAA Brothers number. There technicians were awesome. The service mechanic came the same day I called! I would totally recommend AAA to all my friends and family!

Angela Collins

When my home’s fifteen-year old Bryant 5-ton AC Furnace split system needed replacement, I requested estimates from three HVAC businesses in the area that received excellent reviews on Angie’s List. AAA Brothers was one of them. I used to be a maintenance supervisor at an elderly apartment complex so I do know a few things in the field. As I explained to each estimator, my two main complaints with the existing Bryant unit was that it would cycle on and off frequently resulting in uncomfortable temperature swings both in summer and winter, and that the unit was much too loud inside and outside the home.
To reduce the noise level, I asked each estimator about relocating the unit to the roof. Each said that it could be done, but AAA Brothers was the only one to have the company’s Chief Installer come to my house to look into it directly. AAA Brothers explained that, despite the claims of other estimators, although roof relocation could be done, for several logical and clearly explained reasons, it was really not the best way to go. They further explained several additional measures that could be taken to reduce inside noise if a Lennox variable speed unit was installed in the current HVAC interior location. Based on price and some unrealistic promises (and bad decision making), and despite my wife’s preference for AAA Brothers, I decided to have a 5-ton Rheem unit installed by a different company. As soon as the Rheem blower was turned on for testing during the installation procedure, my wife and I both realized that the noise level was noticeably louder than noise from our old Bryant unit. To make this too-long-story somewhat shorter, I refused to continue with the Rheem installation, and demanded the company remove the unit. I then had AAA Brothers install a Lennox 17 SEER XC 17 SL280V 4-ton two stage unit. To further reduce noise levels, AAA Brothers cleverly enlarged the return intake, lined the return surface areas with high quality sound board, and re-covered the HVAC room with metal. Four AAA Brothers technicians worked all day and did a very thorough and professional job.My wife and I are quite happy with the result. The Lennox heating is very even and the blower sound is much reduced. During testing of the AC the indoor unit was very quiet, and my neighbor is really going to be happy with the reduced compressor noise next summer. Except for the occasional ribbing from my wife, the finished result turned out much better that I expected. Good job AAA Brothers!

Chris Johnson

I am very glad I took my neighbor’s advise and went with AAA Brothers. They were on time, reliable, informative and affordable. You really can’t ask for anything more in an appliance technician! I will definitely call them again and very highly recommend them to all of Bucks County!

Kirk G.

AAA Brothers is as good as it gets. Friendly and respectful (they even put cloth booties over their shoes before they entered my home – amazing), honest, etc. They were able to kindly explain that my actions were the cause of the issue without making me bad (don’t use the fancy filters if you don’t have to!).

Thanks AAA!

Ana King

I discovered AAA Brothers Heating and Cooling online while looking for an air conditioning and heating contractor. We bought a Lennox gas furnace with Lennox 13 seer condenser & coil. Mike, AAA’s technician, was very knowledgeable about bidding the job & was extremely friendly & courteous. Garry & Max the installation (technicians) we had from AAA Brothers were a pleasure to deal with also. They made sure that the carpeting was covered, they were careful of our walls, etc. They performed the job diligently, but were always ready to answer any question I had. I couldn’t have asked for nicer people in my home installing our new system. They all deserve an A+. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone and we will continue to use your help in the future.

Dave F, Professor, Temple University, Holland, PA

Dave F.

Had a problem with one of the central air heat units in the building I manage. Called AAA based on the great reviews. They came out the next day on time and through a process of elimination determined that the problem was with the thermostat, which wasn’t what I expected as it was only two years old. I was expecting something much more expensive. They have a very reasonable basic service charge and a discount for yelpers. Highly recommend. The owner spoke Italian to my 94 year old grandmother who loves him as the last time she was able to talk with someone in her native language was a while ago.

Bellissimo AAA Brothers!

Maria Capaldi